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Any medical or dental appointment is considered your assigned place of duty at that time. Grupo clinica dental en gijon welcome overseas patients and most of their specialists speak English and French. If it’s your first appointment, you have to fill out a registration form. Mention the insurance you have, if any, so the clinic can check what coverage you have and the type of payment method.

Initial consultations, teeth examinations, and some aftercare check-ups are typically free. To visit the dentist in Spain all you need to do is make an appointment and take some form of ID. Take note that if you have health insurance, the dentist you plan to go to must be a part of the company’s network. Usually, you pay upfront, with a discount added for your insurance cover. Emergency treatment is also covered by the state if you are registered, or have an EHIC card. If you need emergency treatment visit your nearest hospital or health center, which can be found through the Spanish Health Ministry.

You make an appointment, arrive on time , see the dentist, and, of course, pay the bill. Choose a clinic that uses quality materials and modern technologies. It must have up-to-date equipment and as well as materials with quality certificates.

We also offer non-surgical dental implants allowing an improved post operative experience. Digital smile design creates and projects the new smile before any intervention and immediate loading, allowing fixed teeth during all of the process. Our dental clinics use 3G technology to insert implants without surgery on the gum thus improving post-operative recovery.

You’ll find a cluster of dental clinics in the city center, all easy to reach by public transport. Some treatments will require multiple visits to the dentist. When calculating the overall cost of your treatment, don’t forget to include flights for every trip and accommodation for the full length of each stay. It may take several days to make prostheses such as crowns, bridges and veneers, during which time you could return home or enjoy some of the sights locally. The reality is that each year over 50,000 people in the UK… We are offering you a high-quality comprehensive service with cutting edge technology performed with professionalism of our own dentists.

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