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It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and I should like to focus, in this respect, on Jack Wooller who has proved to be very helpful, patient, and technically competent during the acquisition and… Water Garden stock one of the largest and most comprehensive range of OASE products and spares in the UK and are proud to be an official OASE 5 Star Retailer.

As part of the OASE Group, Atlantic will gain access to the worldwide landscape construction market. Atlantic is the perfect fit for OASE’s product portfolio and will enhance the range of products Oase vijverpomp sells worldwide. By the same token, OASE’s PRO Line, which is geared toward the expert user, will now be available to the professional market in North America.

Argand’s portfolio includes Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corp., Brintons Carpets Ltd., Oase Living Water GmbH, and Concrete Pumping Holdings, Inc. “We are excited to support strategic growth consistent with OASE’s long-standing heritage of offering premium products underpinned by strong research and development and continuous innovation. The Söll acquisition is highly complementary to OASE’s existing business,” added Heather Faust, Partner and Managing Director of Argand Partners.

The first steps of the breathtaking choreographies of water and lighting effects can be visualized in a computer animation already. There are no limitations to tailor-made ideas, innovations, or individual creativity. The consumer-oriented, well-arranged, intuitive and easy-to-use software visualizes the technology regarding all physical circumstances.

For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water – from fascinating water effects in private gardens to large imposing installations in the public area. Today our name stands for spectacular fountains and “state of the art” equipment and services. Founded in 1949, OASE is now the market leader in the fountain technology industry.

OASE invests significant time and commitment to research and development, which consistently produces the most innovative and energy-efficient products. Their devotion to quality is unparalleled and that is why Water Garden UK is proud to name OASE as our preferred principal supplier. Firstly, our products, processes, and services are consistently tailored to meet the needs of our customers. When it comes to our innovative OASE Fountain Technology systems, we place great importance on adhering to demanding German standards. This applies to product and processing quality, project execution, service availability, and the supply of spare parts – and ensures that you benefit from the utmost in the security of investment for your project.

Immerse yourself with us in a world of possibilities and breathtaking beauty. Balcony, terrace, garden – there’s always room for small or large installations with still and flowing water. • The Commercial Business has designed and executed countless large-scale projects worldwide. Recent projects include the floating fountain at Daming Lake and the Unirii Square in Bucharest. At rest, the organically shaped fountain with gently falling water over a water break created a festive ambiance for guests. The fountain is the main attraction of the retail center located in Pigeon Forge, TN.

Oase ProfiClear Premium XL pump-fed EGC Mature, professional technology with more than three years of development time. Modern modular filter system for professional water quality where space… Our highly-qualified and experienced employees know the market requirements and trends. Be excited about innovative, reliable products and custom-tailored service. Now, as well as in the future you will profit from our outstanding technical competence, our holistic system solutions, and our international network. Since 1949, the OASE brand has been “passionate about water” with a reputation for innovation and quality.

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